Head of Finance

MIITO is currently seeking a Head of Finance. You will effectively work as a right hand to the CEO and play a leading role in the fundraising process aswell as investor relations. This role requires a blend of real-world experience, entrepreneurial passion and boardroom polish. You will become a member of MIITO’s interdisciplinary team and contribute to shaping the future of the company.

Once You are here, You will:

  • work with the founders on a fundraising strategy (both equity and debt)
  • support the CEO on all financing topics, in particular the fundraising process and investor relations
  • be responsible for monthly reporting and definition of KPIs
  • be the contact person and information provider for the tax advisor
  • contribute to shaping the company strategy by thinking creatively about financial impacts, risks, experiments, data
  • represent the finance perspective in all team decisions that affect the company's future

Relevant experience:

  • previous experience from working for a VC or supporting the fundraising process for another startup or investment banking; you are seeking to apply your previously learned skills and tools to a real life case and take full responsibility for your work
  • ability to work in an ambiguous and dynamic environment and comfort collaborating with multidisciplinary teams in a non-hierarchical organization
  • ability to see the big-picture, have a problem-solving attitude, and execute into the details
  • ability to take individual ownership to support the collective success of the company
  • entrepreneurial experience - either as an entrepreneur, member of a start-up team, or as an intrapreneur (e.g. line manager, product manager) - is a plus
  • fluent in English and German

Application instructions:

Along with a cover letter and resume, please include a response to the following questions with your application. Please keep your solution to 300 words or less.

  • What business model inspires you?
  • To what industry could you apply the business model to disrupt the existing players?
  • How could you prototype the offering?