We are experiencing high levels of email enquiries. Currently we are prioritizing the work needed in order to return the funds to our contributors and communication with our supporters. For any press related inquiries, please use the statement below.


MIITO GmbH statement

Over the last two years, the MIITO team, along with support from our Kickstarter backers and partners, has done everything to bring this project to life. While we knew we were embarking on an extremely difficult path to try and make our first product, during the last month it has become clear that we will not be able to deliver MIITO as it was originally promised to our customers. Out of respect for our supporters and backers, we have made the decision to file for insolvency in order to return the funds to our backers and customers. This process will be directed by an insolvency practitioner who will contact all contributors and issue refunds according to the law and regulations of each individual contract.


MIITOs Founder's Statement:

MIITO started as a graduation project during our studies, where even at its very early stages it gained impressive public attention for its innovative design approach. Encouraged by MIITOs supporters and aiming to make a positive impact for the environment, we set out with a dream to bring MIITO to the mass market. It has been two years since we founded MITO GmbH and naturally there have been many ups and downs: the excitement of seeing the MIITO system working and magically boiling liquids and then the frustrations and complexity of electronics development. We faced many walls. Walls we didn't even know existed. But while the outcome of MIITO is devastating, we are grateful for the incredible community that has been built around this product. We are ending MIITO here but the learnings of this experience will stay with us and we hope to share these with other brave entrepreneurs helping them on their journey of bringing innovations to life.

 Nils & Jasmina / Creators of MIITO