Lets save the moments

When you go on a trip - you document every adventure, try to capture the special moments in photos or videos to make the emotions last. You make sure that when you are back in your daily life- you have the option to travel back in time and by looking at those photos- live it again. Feel that excitement again and again.

Right now we are on the craziest adventure of our lives. During one year we have moved 3 counties,from students turned into design studio founders and then into business owners. We are running uphill, against the wind but we know there is nothing else we would love to do more.

It’s time to document that on daily basis. We are growing up, we are making history - no matter if the ending will be happy or not. We have promised ourselves to do this one more thing in our daily lives- to remember to take a breath just for 5min and document what happened in that day. What brought us further, what brought us down. To keep track of the decisions we have done and mistakes we might make but also to capture the happy moments, the adrenaline and excitement that makes us do all this. We are doing this for ourselves. It might get personal but you are welcome to join our adventure, join our trip and let’s live for emotions.