MIITO believes that less is more. By heating only the liquid you need directly in the vessel you'll drink from, you can avoid wasting extra liquid and use less energy to heat it. Induction technology is 80-90% energy efficient in heating liquids. While highly energy efficient, electric kettles are only 50-80% efficient (and water heated on a stove is only 16-27% energy efficient!), when boiling the same amount of liquid.

Boiling time

We expect MIITO to boil 250ml of water under one minute! But the boiling time will vary depending on the vessel you use and the liquid you want to heat! Thicker liquids take longer to heat and so do vessels with thicker bottoms. However, you can use any vessel made from non-ferrous materials, such as ceramics (including porcelain, earthenware and stoneware), glass and heat-resistant plastics.

Temperature measurements

MIITO Precise will allow you to select the temperature you need when heating a liquid. Tea drinkers can choose a temperature between 60-100°C (140-212°F) based on whether they are making a delicate green tea or hearty black brew. Meanwhile, parents can simply lower the temperature to about 37°C (98.5°F) to make sure baby food is heated just right.

Capacitive touch

Easily set MIITO Precise's temperature with just the tap of a finger. Simply swipe a finger across the base to scroll up and down the temperature scale until you find the temperature right for you.


Stage of development

Over a year ago MIITO started as a concept and now it has developed into a working prototype that heats a variety of liquids in different vessels. As you can imagine, we have already gone through multiple stages of development: countless sketches and 3D designs to work out MIITO's design and technology; a MIITO proof was created to test our concept; then we developed our prototype to reproduce the actual technique and to improve the electronics; and now as we prepare for mass production, we are in contact with possible manufacturers who can help us bring MIITO to life. As the development of MIITO has grown in the last year and a half, so has our confidence and belief that our final product is well on its way and can one day even surpass the traditional kettle.

Estimated delivery time - Autumn 2017